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The Spiders


In support of the government's Coronavirus social isolation policy and to protect our members,the club will now be CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

If you know of any of our members who require assistance with shopping or collection of medicines whilst self isolating, please let me know via email using the Contact Us link in the menu area on the left of this page. I have a few kind hearted volunteers who are willing to help.

We'll try and keep the Home page as up to date as possible and the section below will retain all items as they are superceded.

Our Members' generosity has been overwhelming at this time of uncertainty. Since two ladies decided to pay the 'rink fees' they would have paid had we remained open, many have followed suit and I've had over £2400 donated to the club - including one single donation from a gentleman of £1000! THANK YOU ALL!

Danny Brown
General Manager 28 March 2020


Something to look forward to and something to keep you busy -

I have developed a very simple spreadsheet in XL to incorporate entry into the following competitions for 2020/21:
  • National Competitions – Mens, Ladies & Mixed
  • County LIBA (Mens) Competitions
  • County EBF (Mens LBA) Competitions
I have e-mailed the spreadsheet around to everyone I have an e-mail address for who entered one of more of these competitions last year and a few more people who I thought might wish to enter.

The spreadsheet contains details of all the individual competitions available and the entry fees for each, including how to get your payment to me before I summarise and submit all of the entries en-bloc. The deadline for entries to me is 30th April 2020.

If you haven’t received the spreadsheet, but would like a copy E-Mailed to you (or a paper copy sent), please let me know your email address or contact me on the club number 01522 526237

Alternatively, you can download the file from the website - click here.

Stay safe everyone
Danny – 28th March 2020


Given that it’s certain we won’t be playing bowls again for a few months, we need a way of finishing off the current season and deciding promotions and relegations for September.

A lot of clubs have decided to award 1pt to each team in respect of all unplayed matches but the LIBC Club Committee decided at their latest meeting that the fairest method of deciding the league tables would be to award each team their average pts per game for each outstanding match and add that to their points total gained thus far.

The points in the league tables have been modified to reflect this. The workings are available in Article RE-CALCULATING THE 2019_20 WINTER LEAGUE TABLES which can be downloaded from the Committee Meeting Minutes webpage. If you find any errors, please let us know via the '''Contact Us''' menu link on the left.

Brian / Alistair / Tony / Kris / Colin
Appointed Representatives of Lincolnshire bowling Association, City/District/Cliff Leagues & Bowls Lincolnshire

Based on the current Government advice & restrictions and given the recent statements by the relevant bowls national bodies (EBA & EBF), the following league committees have taken the decision TO CANCEL ALL OUTDOOR BOWLS LEAGUES AND COMPETITIONS UNTIL AT LEAST JUNE 30TH.

•    City of Lincoln League
•    Lincoln & District League
•    Cliff League
•    Bowls Lincolnshire Section 2 Fours League
•    Bowls Lincolnshire Section 2 ASC Metals League

There will be a review of this situation by us all in early June, which will be guided by the latest advice from the Government & national bowls bodies at that time. Should the situation and advice/restrictions change we will look to try and get some bowls played, however should it not then the season will have to be cancelled in its entirety.

Without doubt the main priority is the health, safety and welfare of all our players and members. Given the age profile of many of our clubs it is important that we all pull together and help in looking after our members and encourage people to keep an eye out for each other at this time and in particular, those that live on their own. This could be things like:
•    Shopping
•    Collecting Medicines
•    Appropriate Contact/Conversation – respecting the relevant ‘social distancing’ guidelines and advice

We all look forward to seeing you all in healthier and happier times.


For people who can’t get onto the website every day, I’ve been asked to ensure that any updates remain in view for a while so they can catch up. We’ve therefore modified the look of the Home Page to be an ever evolving ‘NEWS PAGE’ covering LIBC issues and reaching out to members with the latest information, requests and offering assistance to anyone who may need it. This is just an initial design and will develop with use.

CLUB TELEPHONE – 01522 526237

There is obviously nobody at the club so the Club number will be diverted to my mobile phone and will be answered during the day starting from 10am tomorrow (Fri 20th March). If there is anything you need to know urgently, you can either email me or from tomorrow, call the club number between 9am and 5pm and I will be on hand to answer your queries.

If you require some assistance with groceries or medicines, please call. I have a few willing volunteers, one of whom maybe in your area.


We are going to assume we’ll be back up and running in September but there are still a few captains who haven’t entered their squads for next season. I will be in touch with them all to ensure they haven’t forgotten before accepting and calculating final team entries.

If you would like to submit a new team in any league, please email me for a form (


We await an announcement concerning entries for next season’s EIBA National Competitions from the governing body. We do have the individual forms and I will be contacting those who normally enter for their entries. Payment can be taken via Bank Transfer and the club’s account details will be given to you upon request.


Lesley Holmes coordinates the entries for County Competitions. Lesley has requested that we request a closure date of 15th September for Ladies County entries so there’s plenty of time left.

Ladies can email Ladies Competition Secretary Sue Johnston for a form & either submit electronically (you can be billed to pay later) or download the form & complete then leave for Sue’s attention with cheque rather than cash at LIBC (through the letterbox).


I have a list of usual entrants for LIBA Competitions and will contact you all to ask if you wish to enter in due course. If you haven’t entered previously and would like a form please telephone or email me.


If any of our members require assistance whilst in self isolation, please give us a shout. We’ll do all we can to assist.

DANNY – 19th MARCH 2020

 Noticeboard extract:
2019-20 Winter League Winners  
   - by Dennis Skayman

Winter League Winners 2019-20
After final recalculation of the league tables due to the season coming to an end early champions are as follows

Congratulation to this Seasons Champions

Division 1
Guys & Dolls
Jill Edson, Michael Smith, Lin Mountain, David Lewis, Di Wilson-Rodgers, David Brammer
Division 2
George Holmes, Christopher Tredwell, David Chapman, Bill Morrell, Kevin O'Hare, Rick Thacker, John Horton, Marion Horton
Division 3
Phil Lowe, Martin McGowan, Timothy Swann, Christopher Brightman, Norman Bratley, Yvonne Hogan, John Edwards, Robert ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Coach's Corner:
Strange times  
   - by Howard Jarrold

An awful lot of you have memories going back a long way and I'm sure none of you have ever experienced times like this. Three months ago no one could have foreseen the plight we find ourselves in. Stability in the financial world is under threat and it will take strong leadership to navigate us back to calmer waters. We hope that this virus can be soon mastered and we must all play our part in bringing stability and normality back into our lives.
Enough doom and gloom ! Look on the brighter side. With everywhere closed, your bank account will look much better, and you won't feel so guilty ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.


 Noticeboard extract:
CLUB COMPETITION 2020 Where we are  
   - by Dennis Skayman

Where we are

Eric Hunt Men's Club Singles
Semi Finals
Billy Jackson v Tony Gilroy
George Draper v Norman Burton

Eric Hunt Men's Club Singles Plate
Semi Finals
Jim Collett v Phil Bennett
Gary Gray v Paul Ward

Club Men's Pairs (4 Bowls) Secretary's Cup
Ryan & Billy Jackson v Mace Andrews & Steve Derby

Men's Pairs Plate Lincoln IBC Trophy
Semi Final
(A)John Fox & Patrick O'Reilly v Dennis Skayman & Steve Tinker
A v Neil Armstrong & Jim Thomas

Australian Pairs
Semi Finals
Sam Ashton & Don Skayman v Paddy Mills & Phil Bennett
Ian T ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
County Individual Competition's 2019-20 Season   
   - by Dennis Skayman

County Individual Competitions 2019-20
(Lincoln Qualifiers where we are / how we did in this year's competitions)

Qualified from club
Sam Ashton, Richard Ashton, Graham Esberger, George Draper, Andy Hall

County Last 32 played at Grantham
Sam Ashton W/O v Ady Fields (Boston)
Richard Ashton 21 v 13 Paul Barks (Boston)
Graham Esberger v W/O Chris Ballard (Stamford)
George Draper Bye
Andy Hall 6 v 21 Rod West (Boston)

County Last 16 played at Grantham
Sam Ashton 21 v 5 John Needham (Spalding)
Richard Ashton 21 v 6 Chris Ballard (Stamford)
George Draper 15 v 21 Adam Warr ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
EBF Individual Competitions 2019-20  
   - by Dennis Skayman

EBF Individual Competitions 2019-20 Season
(How Lincoln Qualifiers did in this year's competitions)

Men's Singles
Qualified from club
Kevin Rands, George Draper

County Quarter Finals
George Draper v W/O Paul Oke (Sleaford)
Kevin Rands 17 v 21 Paul Grimbleby (Scunthorpe)

Men's Pairs
Qualified from club
John Nott & Danny Brown

County Quarter Finals
John Nott & Danny Brown 12 v 19 Richard Barnes & Trevor Bannister (Sleaford)

Men's Rinks
Qualified from club
Neil East, Brian Jackman & Mick Thompson

County Quarter Final
Neil East, Brian Jackman, Mick Thompson 17 v ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
National Individual Competitions 2019-20  
   - by Dennis Skayman

National Individual Competitions 2019-20
(Where we are / how we did)
(Lincoln's best of in each competition)

Men's Champion of Champions
Area Quarter final
G Bell (Louth) 21 v 19 Sam Ashton

2 wood men's singles
Area semi final
Billy Jackson 21 v 13 Dave Bristow (Sleaford)
Area final
Billy Jackson 21 v 6 Michael Griffin (Nottingham)
National final 1st Round
Billy Jackson v Perry Martin (Swale)
Awaiting date

Men's Singles
Area semi final
Jonathan West 21 v 8 P Oke (Sleaford)
Area final
Jonathan West 21 v 19 Greg Allam (Erewash)
National Final
Jonathan West v Scott Edwar ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
National Team Competition's look back 2019-20  
   - by Dennis Skayman

National Team Competitions 2019 / 20 Season
(Where we are / How we did)

Top Club
Men's singles, Ladies singles, Mixed pairs, Mixed trips, Mixed rink
2nd Round Erewash Home won by 14 points to 2
3rd Round Leicester Home won by 16 points to 0
4th Round Barwell Away won by 10 points to 6
5th Round Spalding Home lost by 6 points to 10

Egham Trophy
2 mixed rinks home, 2 mixed rinks away
1st Round Newark W/O
2nd Round Sleaford won by 112 shots to 42
3rd Round Gedling won by 81 shots to 66
4th Round Dunholme won by 102 shots to 51
5th Round Spalding won by 86 shots to 66
Quarter Fi ....... ....... .......

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