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Home Page - Lincolnshire Bowling Association  

Welcome to our new home page.

For appearancesWelcome to the new Website for the Lincolnshire Bowling Association.
We are grateful to The Lincoln Indoor Bowling Club for allowing us a section on this Website and also thankyou to David Lyon for setting it all up.
Sub Web Headings.

Officials: Lists of all Committe Members.
Noticeboard: Reports of what is happening.
Diary: List of all Activities.
Competitions: Click on Season for current year.
Click on Organisation for the Section you are looking for.
Click on Competition for Draw and results of Competition.
Honours Board: All competition winners are now listed here. All records are now up todate some date back to 1927.
New Addition to Honours Board this year is County Ties awarded for 100+ & 200+ & 300+ Games for the County. We do not have record of year when they where presented so have used current year except for those no longer with us,
Service Records: All officers of the County starting from formation of County in 1926


Noticeboard extract 1 -  Newark 2019

Advance Programme for Newark 2019
Men's Singles
Round 2 Friday 12.00 Paul Oke v Hunts or Derbyshire
Semi – Final Friday 7.30
Final Saturday 5.00 (Could be 7.30)

Under 25 Singles
Round 1 Friday 2.30 Sam Ashton v Ed Elmore Hunts
Round 2 Friday 7.30 Winner v Northants
Semi Final Saturday 9.30
Final Sunday 9.30

Senior Singles
Round 2 Saturday 2.30 George Draper v Norfolk.
Semi – Final Saturday 5.00
Final Sunday 9.30

Men's Pairs
Round 1 Wednesday 6.30
Tracy Nunn & Keith Jackman v Durham
Round 2 Thursday 12.30 Winner v North Essex
Semi Final Saturday 2.30
Final Saturday 5.00

Men's Rinks
Round 1 Wednesday 9.30
Alex & Martin Tomlin, Richard Vinter v Derbyshire
Round 2. Wednesday 3.30
Semi Final Thursday 12.30
Final Thursday 6.30

Mixed Pairs
Round 1 Friday 9.30
Chantelle Spencer & Jonathan West v Ed Elmore Hunts
Round 2 Friday 5.00 Winner v Nottinghamshire
Round 3 Saturday 12.00
Final Sunday 9.30

Mixed Rinks
Round 1 Wednesday 12.30
Sue Simpson Shaw. Paul Flatters & Les Feary v Hunts
Round 2 Wednesday 6.30 Winner v Humberside
Semi Final Thursday 9.30
Final Thursday 6.30

Daily Newark Programme
Wednesday 24th April
9.30am. Round 1 Men's Rinks.
Alex & Martin Tomlin, Richard Vinter v Derbyshire
12.30pm. Round 1 Mixed Rinks.
Sue Simpson Shaw. Paul Flatters & Les Feary v Hunts
3.30pm. Round 2. Men's Rinks.
6.30pm. Men's Pairs. Tracy Nunn & Keith Jackman v Durham
6.30pm. Round 2 Mixed Rinks Winner Round 1 v Humberside

Thursday 25th April
9.30am. Semi Final Mixed Rinks
12.30pm Round 2 Men's Pairs Winner Round 1 v North Essex
12.30pm. Semi Final Men's Rinks
6.30pm. Final Men's Rinks
6.30pm. Final Mixed Rinks

Friday 26th April
9.30am. Chantelle Spencer & Jonathan West v Ed Elmore Hunts
12pm. Round 2 Men's Singles Paul Oke v Hunts or Derbyshire
2.30pm. Round 1 Under 25 Singles Sam Ashton v Ed Elmore Hunts
5pm Round 2 Mixed Pairs Winner of Round 1 v Nottinghamshire
7.30pm Round 2 Under 25 Singles Winner of Round 1v Northants
7.30pm Semi – Final Men's Singles

Saturday 27th April
9.30am. Semi Final Under 25 Singles
12pm. Semi Final Mixed Pairs
2.30pm. Round 2 Senior Singles George Draper v Norfolk.
2.30pm. Semi Final Men's Pairs
5pm. Final Men's Pairs
5pm Semi – Final Senior Singles
5.00 (Could be 7.30) Final Men's Singles

Sunday 28th April
9.30am.Under 25 Singles Final Sunday 9.30
9.30am. Senior Singles Final
9.30pm. Final Mixed Pairs


Noticeboard extract 2 -  Indoor County Competitions Results and Future Events

LINCOLNSHIRE BOWLING ASSOCIATION COUNTY FINALS. Click on Links at bottom of page for winners photos
Men's Rinks
Ryan Jackson, Danny Brown & Billy Jackson Lincoln 6
Alex Tomlin, Martin Tomlin & Richard Vinter Boston 23

Ladies Rinks
Jenna Earl, Rene Walker & Maureen Wilson Lincoln 22
Brenda True, Gill Leverton & Barbara Shufflebottom Louth 10

Mixed Rinks
Mary Johnson, Tracy Nunn & Keith Jackman Horncastle 14
Sue Simpson Shaw, Paul Flatters & Les Feary Boston 17

Under 25's Singles
Sam Ashton Lincoln 21 v David Bristow Sleaford 15

2nd Session 11.45 am
Men's Senior Singles
George Draper Lincoln 21 v Geoff Maslin Lincoln 13

Ladies Senior Singles
Sue Hoyles Boston 21 v Sylvia Stainton Louth 9

Men's Singles
Paul Oke Sleaford 21v Sam Ashton Lincoln 15
3rd Session 2.00 pm
Ladies Singles
Brenda Barlow Lincoln 11 v Jenny Rowe Scunthorpe 21

Men's Pairs
Keith Jackman & Tracy Nunn Horncastle 22
John Nott & Danny Brown Lincoln 13

Mixed Pairs
Sue & Paul Grimbleby Scunthorpe 15
Chantal Spencer & Jonathan West Boston 16

Ladies Pairs
Jane Taplin & Margaret Walmsley Horncastle 12
Jenna Earl/Maureen Wilson Lincoln.22
...Click here to view all detail with pictures.


More Noticeboard -

Derbyshire Trophy...Click here to see more of this
Skegness Draws and Results...Click here to see more of this
Challenge Bowl & Ron Kitchen Semi Finals and Finals...Click here to see more of this
2018 County Semi & Finals Results...Click here to see more of this

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