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Home Page - City of Lincoln Bowls League  

City of Lincoln Bowls League

Welcome to the City of Lincoln Bowls League Web Pages. We hope you will find all you need on these Pages. We are grateful to the Lincoln Indoor Bowls Club for allowing us to be part of Website.
All the League Winners and Competition Winners and Runners up are now up to date on the Honours Board.These will no longer be shown in the Handbook helping to keep all costs down.
A new addition this year is a complete list of all Officers since the formation of the League in 1941.

Each week results are on the Notice Board and are entered as soon as they are received.

If there is anything you would like to see on our pages please E-Mail me with your suggestions,


Noticeboard extract 1 -  Week Commencing May 21st

Evening League Results
Week 2
Section A
Boultham Park v St Giles
Eagle 55 Shots (2 Points) v Sleaford Town 57 Shots (8 Points)
Heighington 53 Shots (3 Points) v Collingham 64 Shots (7 Points)
Washingborough A 43 Shots (2 Points) v Lee Road 70 Shots (8 Points)

Section B
Dunholme 62 Shots (6 Points) v Hykeham 54 Shots (4 Points)
Leadenham 59 Shots (10 Points) v Moorland Railway 45 Shots (0 Points)
Monks Road SSC Shots ( Points) v Cherry Willingham Shots ( Points)
Norman House Shots ( Points) v Branston Shots ( Points)

Section C
Nettleham 55 Shots (8 Points) v Eslaforde Park 47 Shots (2 Points)
Ruston 51 Shots (1 Points) v North Scarle 58 Shots (9 Points)
Saxilby 49 Shots (2 Points) v Ruskington 66 Shots (8 Points) Skellingthorpe 69 Shots (9 Points) v Navenby 44 Shots (1 Points)

Section D

Bardney 61 Shots (6 Points) v Carholme 51 Shots (4 Points)
Brant Road 60 Shots (10 Points) v Eastgate 47 Shots (0 Points)
Harby 49 Shots (4 Points) v Thorpe om the Hill 52 Shots (6 Points)
Waddington 79 Shots (10 Points) v Metheringham 43 Shots (0 Points)

Afternoon League Results
Section A

Lee Road Shots (Points) v Ruston Shots (Points)
Nettleham A Shots (Points) v Monks Road SSC Shots (Points)
Saxilby Shots (Points) v Heighington Shots (Points)

Section B
Carholme Shots (Points) v Ruskington Shots (Points)
Hykeham A Shots (Points) v Skellingthorpe Shots (Points)
Moorland Railway Shots (Points) v Metheringham Shots (Points) Washingborough A Shots (Points) v Collingham Shots (Points)

Section C
Cherry Willingham A 62 Shots (8 Points) v North Scarle 50 Shots (2 Points)
Harby 53 Shots (8 Points) v Navenby 48 Shots (2 Points)
Norman House Shots (Points) v Hykeham B Shots (Points)

Section D
Bassingham 56 Shots (10 Points) v Boultham Park 42 Shots (0 Points)
Eastgate 65 Shots (10 Points) v Bardney 35 Shots (0 Points)
Swinderby Shots (Points) v Waddington Shots (Points)


Noticeboard extract 2 -  Week Commencing 14 May

Evening League Results
Week 1
Section A
Collingham v Washingborough A
Lee Road 28 Shots (2 Points) v Eagle 51 Shots (8 Points)
Sleaford Town 92 Shots 10 Points) v Boultham Park 30 Shots (0 Points)
St Giles 65 Shots (9 Points) v Heighington 46 Shots (1 Point)

Section B
Branston 44 Shots (2 Points) v Dunholme 59 Shots (8 Points)
Cherry Willingham 53 Shots (9 Points) v Leadenham 48 Shots (1 Point)
Hykeham 24 Shots (0 Points) v Monks Road SSC 68 Shots (10 Points)
Moorland Railway 83 Shots (10 Points) v Norman House 29 Shots (0 Points)

Section C
Eslaforde Park 76 Shots (10 Points) v Saxilby 41 Shots (0 Points)
Navenby 56 Shots (6 Points) v Ruston 47 Shots ( 4 Points)
North Scarle 66 Shots (8 Points) v Nettleham 46 Shots (2 Points)
Ruskington 64 Shots (8 Points) v Skellingthorpe 61 Shots (2 Points)

Section D
Carholme v Waddington
Eastgate 63 Shots (6 Points) v Harby 61 Shots (4 Points)
Metheringham 49 Shots (2 Points) v Brant Road 64 Shots (8 Points)
Thorpe om the Hill 56 Shots (7 Points) v Bardney 50 Shots (3 Points)

Afternoon KO
Handicap in Brackets
Nettleham B (4) W/O V Ruston (3)
Saxilby (9)71 v Eastgate (28)81
Collingham (17)59 v Nettleham A (5) 64
Washingborough A (9) 78 v Waddington (0) 48
Skellingthorpe (12) 86 v Harby (21) 55
Monks Road (1) v Cherry Willingham A (15) W/ O
Cherry Willingham B 95 (22) v Metheringham (14)36
Bardney (23) 108 v Washingborough B (29) 59

Evening KO
Handicap in brackets
Dunholme (7) v Saxilby (21)
Navenby (15) 90v Bardney (31) 88
Thorpe on the Hill (28)77 v Collingham (5)88
Cherry Willingham (18)75 v Leadenham (14)81
Moorlands Railway (12)102 v Lee Road (10)67
Sleaford Town (1) v Harby (29)


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