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Lincoln A Over 60 Results               from Brian Jackman

Over 60’s Lincoln A.
Game 8 away to Boston.
Not a good start to the new year losing 4 – 14 away at Boston today.
This makes the league more interesting.
Lincoln A lead with 110 Points from 8 games.
Stamford have 62 Points from 5 games
Scunthorpe have 55 Points from 6 games.
After 5 ends we were 9 shots down with just one rink leading. At 10 ends the lead for Boston had grown to 20 shots winning on all rinks. Lincoln started to come to terms with the green and at 15 ends the deficit had dropped to 11 shots. Despite a strong finish from 3 rinks the final ends went the way of Boston winning 3 rinks to 2 and taking the aggregate.

Match Result:
Boston 107 Shots (14 Points)
Lincoln A 87 Shots (4 Points)
Lincoln Scores:
Don Skayman, Patrick Mills, Keith Richardson & Steve Derby Won 27 – 18
Carl Stowe, Brian Jackman, Paul Morris & George Draper Won 20 – 18
Geoff Maslin, David Hipworth, Nick Martin & Mick Thompson Lost 16 – 17
Roy Horne, David Jones, Terry Walker & Trevor Hallam Lost 12 - 24
Neil East, Gerry Tyson, Alistair Weir, & John Withers Lost 12 - 30

Game 7
Back to winning at home to Dunholme
Match Result:
Lincoln A 116 Shots (16 Points)
Dunholme 78 Shots (2 Points)
Lincoln Scores:
Mason Andrews, Terry Walker, Patrick Mills, & Steve Derby Won 20 – 11
Carl Stowe, Dick Nicholson, Alistair Weir & Neil East Lost 19 - 27
Glynn Smallcombe, David Brammer, David Jones & Keith Richardson Won 18 - 1
Gordon Dobson, Jim Collett, David Hipworth &Paul Morris Won 20 – 13
Geoff Maslin, Gerry Tyson, Nick Martin & Mick Thompson Won 39 – 12

Game 6
Away to Sleaford came the first loss of the Season. A very close game with Lincoln winning on 3 rinks but losing the aggregate by just 2 shots.
Match Result:
Sleaford 91 Shots (12 Points)
Lincoln A 89 Shots (6 Points)
Lincoln Scores:
Geoff Maslin, David Brammer, Nick Martin & Mick Thompson Won 19 – 15
Carl Stowe, Neil East, Alistair Weir & John Withers John Withers Won 22 – 14
Roy Horne, Jim Collett, David Jones & Trevor Hallam Won 25 – 14
Mason Andrews, Terry Walker, Patrick Mills & Steve Derby Lost 15 – 21
Glynn Smallcombe, Dick Nicholson, Keith Richardson & George Draper Lost 8 - 27

Game 5
Away at Louth winning on all rinks.
Match Result:
Louth 64 Shots (0 Points)
Lincoln A 126 Shots (18 Points)
Neil East, Brian Day, Alistair Weir & John Withers Won 19 – 15
Jim Collett, David Hipworth, Terry Walker & Trevor Hallam Won 26 – 15
Geoff Maslin, Gerry Tyson, Nick Martin & Mick Thompson Won 27 – 12
Mason Andrews, Patrick Mills, Paul Morris & Steve Derby Won 25 – 11
Glynn Smallcombe, David Brammer, David Jones & Keith Richardson Won 29 – 11
Submitted date - Thursday, 09 Jan 2020
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